Ever seen
an apple tree
in Amsterdam?

neither have we.

This is why Cider Amsterdam is imported straight from le bout de Bretagne (Finistère). A famous cider region.
The bubbly good stuff is made by Celliers de l’Odet. A company led by three brothers, who learned the craft from their father.

Cider Amsterdam is made with 100% Breton apples. A special kind of weird and ugly looking bastards. But they taste magnifique! No added sugars, no gluten and only 5% alcohol. So drink up with no worries.

Cider Amsterdam is made with love and was selected especially for you by Appels & Peren. An Amsterdam-based store which originated out of a passion for apples and honest products. Since 2015 the cider is pouring out offering a wide range from all far corners of the planet. Small, medium or large manufacturers. Always honest, always crafted.

So when you are around, make sure you drop by. The bottle is always open.