Pomze Restaurant Paris

The restaurant Pomze, located on the boulevard Haussmann in Paris, has more than 10 years of experience with French ciders and combining these ciders with food. The restaurant has more than 30 specially selected ciders for sale from different regions in France. They are made from the juice of special cider apples and are supplied by small artisanal producers. No concentrated juice is used and no water is added.

A number of these ciders have recently begun to be sold by Pomze under its own label. Appels & Peren imports and sells these Pomze ciders in the Netherlands. The particular ciders are from the regions Pays d’Auge (Normandy), Bessin (Normandy), Morbihan (Brittany), Cornouaille (Brittany) and the Pays d’Othe (southern Champagne region). A unique range of quality ciders that characterize the region from which they come!

The ciders are bottled on location for Pomze by the makers. The bottles are simple and the label is subdued; this, according to the owner of Pomze, “not to distract, but to focus on the content of the bottle!”.
He hopes to further expand his range of ciders in the coming period.