Cider makers from other countries

Our quest for beautifully crafted, but above all tasty ciders will continue. We regularly add new products to our range of ciders. At present, the following countries besides the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom are represented in our range:

Ireland, Finnbarra (Stonewell)Finnbarra bottles

Daniel and Geraldine Emerson’s cider house is situated in Novohol in Cork, Ireland. As one of the smaller cider makers in the country, Daniel proves himself to be a very enthusiastic ambassador at cider festivals throughout Europe.
His (perhaps) different choices of other apple species (not necessarily cider apples) supplemented with cider fruit grown by smaller farms provide some wonderful ciders that have already been winning international prizes for many years.

Appels & Peren has four ciders in stock: first, the dry and medium dry Irish cider. Then, two special ciders from Stonewell, as Finnbarra is called in Ireland: the Tawny (a port-like slightly hopped cider that is delicious with older hard cheeses for example) and the Esterre. The Esterre is a typical “celebration” cider made from Elstar apples and, according to Daniel, his answer to cheap sh** Prosecco….