Cake: Le Breton en Boîte (Brittany in a box)

Pure French cake from Brittany, oven-baked in tins without preservatives or artificial flavourings. Old fashioned cake like Grandma used to make, but with a long shelf life because of the unique packaging. Handy to have in house.
In eight authentic flavours, including natural, butter/caramel, almond, raspberry, plum and chocolate.

A special mention goes to “Kouign-Amann”, a delicacy from Brittany that should be slightly warmed up in the oven. All other Breton en Boîte cakes can be eaten immediately. Delicious served with a Brittany cider or a glass of perry and also an original and tasty gift.
€ 4,50 per tin

Combined offer
Cider & Cake

Gâteau Breton + Château de Lézergué
Cidre de Bretagne IGP
€ 4,50 + € 6,50 = € 11,00
-> € 9,95


Combined offer
Perry & Cake

Gâteau au Chocolat + Poiré Ferme de
la Poulardière BIO
€ 4,50 + € 5,95 = € 10,45
-> € 9,50



Gâteau Breton

A regional cake from Brittany that is somewhat like butter cake: creamy and rich in taste.
Size: 140 grams
Price: € 4,50


Gâteau Breton with caramel and salted butter

Cake from Brittany with caramel cream with a basis of salted butter.
Size: 140 grams
Price: € 4,50



Made from a sort of fermented pastry. In Brittany’s dialect, “Kouign” means cake and “Amann” means butter.
Size: 120 grams
Price: € 4,50



Classic cake made with almonds and brown butter.
Size: 100 grams
Price: € 4,50


Far Breton (with plums)

This cake is more like a clafoutis or flan in texture, but is more massive and filled with rum-soaked plums.
Size: 190 grams
Price: € 4,50


Gâteau Breton au chocolat

Cake from Brittany with chocolate.
Size: 140 grams
Price: € 4,50


Quatre Quart

The Flemish “four-pound” cake, simply because all the ingredients are used in the same amount: 1/4 sugar, 1/4 flour, 1/4 butter and 1/4 eggs.
Size: 100 grams
Price: € 4,50


Gâteau Breton à la framboise

Cake from Brittany with raspberry jam.
Size: 140 grams
Price: € 4,50